Investor backed and founded in 2017, our vision is to be a global leader in driving business performance using proprietary technology and acting as an exclusive platform partner for leading technology providers. We were founded on the premise of cutting through a cluttered market and building exclusive relationships with the most reputable, best in class technology and data providers on the market.


We are truly a global organisation working with clients in multiple regions in different markets. Consumers don’t think about media channels and marketing messages, but what matters to them at that specific moment. We offer a strategic approach to gain maximum exposure and performance at scale for brands to deliver “the right message to the right person in the right place at the right time on the right device at the right cost” in a global marketplace.


At ROQ we offer both a managed service and self-serve option for our clients, which is designed to deliver tangible results which justify your media spend. Our close and exclusive relationships with our partners and publishers enable us to connect brands to relevant audiences, creating conversations and connections, that lead to conversions and explosive brand exposure.

we offer a

Multichannel Approach

We are a one stop solution for activating digital marketing campaigns across all digital channels. ROQ uses proprietary technology and partner with best in class digital marketing companies to ensure optimal campaign performance.


Combining high impact messaging and dynamic creative targeting to reach your audience at exactly the right time and place, at scale.


Reach your audience using targeting options such as geo-location, device type, mobile provider and time of day.


Reach all your goals with smart, innovative video solutions. We deliver messages to real people across all their devices.


With a focus on performance, we get you closer to customers by delivering content they value, in the places and formats they like best.


Cross-device marketing allows marketers to deliver brand messages to consumers at the right time, in the right format and on the right device.


Build your customer database by targeting your pre-defined audience on a cost per qualified lead model.

Our team of


Charlie Firebrace

Charlie has spent 12 years successfully building advertising sales teams in most global markets. After working in the world of programmatic advertising he recognised the ad tech opportunity in the emerging markets and co-founded ROQ to see that vision through.

Keith Hutchison

Moving from a qualified financial background, Keith has spent the past 15 years in senior management positions, sourcing and utilising the latest advancements in advertising technology to connect advertisers and brands with their audience. He is bringing this experience to ROQ as co-founder.

just a few things

What we do


Deliver scalable campaigns to your target audience across display, video, mobile and social channels. ROQ connects you directly with 100+ digital advertising partners to execute media campaigns in real-time, in a few clicks. Our solution manages nearly everything for you. No tech skills required, really.

Get your message in front of the consumers on their desktops, mobile devices or tablets. Limitless cookie, non-cookie and device ID based targeting capabilities allow for reach within browsers and in-app for mobile. Focus on location, retargeting, keyword, interest, behavioural and much more.


Whatever your digital marketing objectives, there is a creative option that captures your consumers’ attention at the right moment. A/B test creative to find what works. Upload creative in any IAB standard sizes.

Video, mobile, static display, social, HTML5, and all the creative in-between. Enable strategic digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels with creative housed in one location. There is no easier way to get started with programmatic advertising.


ROQ provides audience Insights aggregates and organises rich and actionable data represented in 8,000+ segments. Understand your visitors like never before with focus on Demographics, Purchase Behaviours, Interests, Psychographics, Intent and B2B. Create targetable audiences in real-time for your media campaigns.

Quickly onboard list data and serve digital media campaigns to that list through our automated system. Gain deeper understanding of your lists through our Audience Insights feature, provided with each upload. Compatible with nearly all CRM and email marketing platforms including Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Hubspot, Marketo and others.


Access robust campaign and ad group-level reporting at any time through your dedicated account managers. Tap into the power of our optional Insights / CRM Data packages for customer and visitor reporting like you have never seen before.

For those that like the details, ROQ will provide impression-level reporting on all campaign activity. These reports are available on-demand and include everything from win rates to geo-location, to creative-level details and much more. Transparency across millions of data points…you asked for it and with ROQ, you get it.

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